Tristan Heinicke has won the Big Band category of the 2016-17 Azusa Pacific University/J. W. Pepper High School Composition Contest for his composition Forest Fire.

Heinicke, age 18, is a Senior at the Orange County School of the Arts. He began playing guitar in the 3rd grade, and soon found it to be a calling. As he expanded his interests, Tristan found composing music as his true passion. He began attending the Orange County School of the Arts in 2013, and since then has had compositions performed with bands, small ensembles, and debuted pieces for the Orange County school of the Arts’s big bands and Symphony Orchestra. Tristan released his debut solo album, RetroFuturism: I, in January of 2016. He currently lives in Rancho Santa Margarita California, but plans to move to a new location to studying composition at a university this coming fall.